Friday, July 5, 2013

Running Streak

If you're a member of our Facebook group or follow our #runteacherrun group on Twitter, you probably saw many postings about "the streak!"  Several of us made the commitment to join the Runner's World run streak (#RWRunStreak) and run at lest one mile a day from Memorial Day through Independence Day:  39 consecutive days of running...

I made the commitment because I love having a goal to achieve in running. I've found that I'm not one of those people who will just go out and run. I need a set plan, usually a training plan working towards a race, to tell me how much to run that I can check off as finished each day. This running streak seemed like a great way to stay motivated and be active each day.

The streak ended yesterday on July 4th. This morning I'm sitting in my recliner with my legs propped up and relishing the idea that I'm not going to run today...not even one little measly mile!  

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the streak. It was motivating to know that no matter what, I needed to make sure I logged a mile daily.  What I found was that many days, it was difficult to only go "just a mile".  Other days, I was beyond grateful that I only had to run "just a mile".  It's amazing how my perspective changed depending on day-to-day circumstances and aches/pains.  I loved seeing my running friends post on Twitter and Facebook about their daily miles and encouraging everyone to #runteacherrun!

I was most worried about breaking the streak during my travels to ISTE and ALA, but packed my running gear with plans to hit the hotel treadmill daily or run outside with friends.  Sunday, June 23, was my busiest day during the streak. Leaving at 4 a.m. for an early morning flight to San Antonio and a jam packed day of our award recognition, meeting friends, and ISTE festivities equaled being on the go all day long and never actually putting on my running shoes. Arriving back at our hotel at almost midnight, I decided my mileage wouldn't be logged on Nike+ that day but it would definitely count! We walked from our hotel to the conference center (and back), the RiverWalk, as well as a portion of the giant exhibit hall, not to mention downtown San Antonio! I'm only counting 1 mile for this day and have the map to prove it! (yes, I DO realize that shows a car and not a pedestrian...and it definitely took us longer than 3 minutes to walk it...but the MILEAGE shows .5 mile -- that's the important stuff here!)

My totals for the streak:

May: 13 miles
June: 99.1 miles (I obviously wasn't paying attention or I would have run "just 1 more mile"!)
July:  13.4 miles

125.5 total miles

I am proud to say I completed the streak, but will relish today and not run!

Tomorrow is a different story...

Now to plot my next training plan and race!

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